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We fight for working people:

LIUNA stands for fairness for working people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or country of origin.

We stand for helping employers succeed based on providing the highest quality of work in the world and by being responsible members of our communities.

LIUNA stands for individual advancement and opening the doors to new opportunity by offering members and employers the best free adult education system there is, with training in the skills needed to build our communities and our countries.

We stand for a strong union movement that can restore the strength of the middle class, and we are doing our share with one of the union movement’s most ambitious organizing commitments to help tens of thousands of working people join together

We believe everyone who works deserves:

  • a fair wage

  • health and safety protections

  • the right to safe working conditions

  • respect and the freedom to join together in a union

  • access to health care and a dignified retirement

We stand for the right

  • to fight for collective bargaining rights

  • to defend family-supporting laws such as the U.S. Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Act

  • to build a modern infrastructure that keeps our countries competitive and creates good jobs

  • to strive for a sound pension system and national health care policy

  • to stand up for laws that acknowledge the contributions of immigrants

  • to make international trade fair

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